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Bullard: Commercial Grit Trap Pumping

If you run a car wash business, you rely on fully functional plumbing. You understand that if your pipes get backed up– it can cost you good business. To keep things running smoothly, it’s essential to clean your grit trap system. 

Like any hard working system, it’s important to perform routine maintenance. Your business’ grit trap is no different. 

Bullard Waste Management provides professional Commercial Grit Trap Pumping services to benefit your business. Our team is well-versed in cleaning grit traps and will work with you on a unique cleaning schedule. Whether your grit traps need to be cleared monthly or quarterly, the Bullard team is ready to assist you.

Why Do You Need Commercial Grit Trap Pumping?

As a car wash– your business is to clean people’s vehicles. But what happens afterward to all that dirty water? This is where your grit trap comes into play. 

Automotive facilities utilize grit traps to stop grease and other sediment from entering the sewage mainline. In the event that a grit trap is blocked, it can cause a backflow of unsanitary water into your business, or allow contaminated water to enter the city’s wastewater system.  

This is not only a hazard for your business, but it’s expensive for the city to remove grease and sediment from wastewater. Avoid costly damage and possible penalties by getting your grit trap system pumped. 

Bullard Waste Management is happy to provide your car wash with commercial grit trap pumping. This means that we’ll completely remove all grease and oil from your grit trap. Then, we’ll rinse it to break up any hardened sediment. We’ll give it one final cleaning before we’re finished.

Preventative Maintenance Will Save You Time and Money

Commercial grit trap pumping isn’t typically first on a car wash owner’s list of priorities. It can be easy to focus on other parts of the business and forget about your grit trap. However, Bullard strongly encourages you to plan in advance. 

If you schedule routine grit trap pumping with us, that means we’ll work with you to develop a customized schedule. We’ll consider the size of the trap, the amount of grease, and your location’s ordinances to give you a customized solution that will work best for you. 

That way we’ll be ready to give you exceptional service before things get out of hand. And you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your preventative maintenance is already scheduled. 

Plus, when you work with us on a scheduled basis– we’ll prioritize your business. In an emergency situation, we first work with our scheduled clients, and the rest is first come, first serve. If you’ve already done the work to develop a grit trap pumping cycle, that means we’ll prioritize your business in an emergency situation. 

You’ll enjoy faster service. Not to mention, you won’t need to worry about shutting down your business for an emergency cleaning session. A scheduled cleaning will help prevent any issues from escalating in the future. 

Your business, and the city’s wastewater treatment team, will thank you for planning ahead.

Call us or fill in the form below to request a date and time. All requests are subject to availability.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

Commercial Grit Trap Cleaning is essential for any business that offers cleaning services to automotives. A few of our favorite clients in this industry have establishments like the following:

  • Car washes
  • Auto dealerships
  • Auto shops
  • Paint and body shops
  • with car washes

If you can’t remember the last time your grit trap was cleaned, call the Bullard Waste Management team. We’ll be happy to work with you to regularly maintain a clean trap.

Bullard: Your Local Waste Management Team in East Texas

Keep your business clean and functioning smoothly with Bullard Waste Management services. Bullard will create a customized solution just for you. No matter your establishment size or situation, we’re ready to help. 

Our team of technicians has almost forty years of waste management experience. No challenge is too big for us to tackle! It’s our mission to support all of your waste management needs. From grit trapping to septic services, our team can handle any waste disposal challenge you need help with. 

We recommend scheduling these services in advance. Like we mentioned, if you’re on our cleaning cycle– we’ll prioritize your business in the case of an emergency.  

Enjoy the peace of mind that Bullard’s Waste Management services have to offer. Give us a call today at (903)-538-0156.

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