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Clean and Affordable Portable Toilets

Bullard: Portable Toilets and Restroom Trailers

Do you have an outdoor worksite that could benefit from the convenience of a clean portable toilet? Or maybe, you have a large event coming up, and you want to impress your guests with luxury accommodations like a restroom trailer.

No matter your toilet needs– Bullard Waste Management provides a variety of solutions for all types of situations. We provide portable toilets and restroom trailers for jobsites and personal use. 

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Portable Toilets: For Worksites and Small Events

When you have a jobsite or an event that needs clean and reliable portable toilets– your first call should be to the Septic King! Our portable toilets have a range of features that you can customize to fit your event and personal tastes. 

In addition to our standard portable toilet, you can also take advantage of our handicapped-accessible units, hand wash stations, RV holding tanks, and hand sanitizer dispensers. Bullard offers everything your event or site needs to feel comfortable and clean. 

We recommend our portable toilets for events like:

  • BBQs
  • Picnics
  • Weddings
  • Family reunions
  • Holiday crowds
  • Tournaments
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Construction site

Luxury Restroom Trailers: For Formal Events

Do you have a nice event coming up and you need portable toilets? If you think portable toilets are only the blue ones at festivals, then you’ve never seen our amazing restroom trailer. You will love the luxury feel of this portable bathroom, complete with all of the modern amenities you want. With a 500 gallon holding tank, it can accommodate up to 1,500 flushes. You won’t find this kind of luxury portable toilet anywhere else!

Restroom trailers are best for weddings or other large gatherings. Our restroom trailers give you all the comfort of a clean indoor and portable toilet. You can beat the heat with comfortable air conditioning and enjoy electric lighting,so even at night, you can enjoy the comfort of our restroom trailer.

Other features include countertops, ceramic China toilets, urinals, stainless steel sinks, running water, and a large mirror.

Bullard: Affordable and Portable Restroom Solutions

We offer our portable toilets and restroom trailers on a rolling basis. Depending on your unique situation, choose to rent a portable restroom solution on a weekend, weekly, or monthly basis. Or, we can work with you if you need to rent on a longer term basis.

Here are a few benefits of renting portable toilets and restroom trailers:

Portable toilets can come with a sanitation station

Bullard provides not only clean and reliable portable toilets, but we can also provide you with a portable sink. This will motivate outdoor workers, as they know they’re being well taken care of. Or if you’re hosting an event– your visitors will feel clean and refreshed with our portable toilet and sink rentals. 

Restroom trailers offer all the amenities of a luxury restroom

Up-level your next event by providing a restroom trailer for your event. Not only are they well ventilated and air conditioned– but they also come with stainless steel sinks and mirrors. Encourage your guests to freshen up in one of our luxury restroom trailers.

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Bullard: Your Local Waste Management Team in East Texas

Make your events and worksites a pleasant experience by providing folks with comfortable accommodations. Whatever your situation looks like, Bullard has a customized portable restroom solution for you.

Our team of professionals has nearly four decades of experience in the industry. No waste challenge is too big or too small for Bullard– we want to support all of your waste management needs. From portable restrooms to septic services, our team is ready to tackle any waste disposal challenge you may be facing.

And of course, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, our team is on-call and always ready to help.

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