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Bullard: Your Local Waste Management Team in Palestine, Texas

Palestine’s Natural Beauty

Dogwood trees, however, are perhaps even more well-known than its train history. The famous Davey Dogwood Park, located in Palestine, is a favorite destination for visitors from all over the US to soak up all the beauty it has to offer. 

Dogwood trees are at their peak in the spring. A walk through the trails provides an idyllic backdrop of white and pink petals. There is even a festival for the Dogwood Trails Celebration, which takes place in March and April. You won’t want to miss this event if you’re passing through Palestine in the springtime. 

A row of blue portable toilets

Small Town Charm

A beautiful oasis awaits you in Palestine. This small town is nestled into the curving hills of East Texas, providing a welcome respite from surrounding big cities. This makes it a great stopping point for travelers since it is located almost exactly in between Houston and Dallas. A quick visit to Palestine is a great way to spend your time on your way across eastern Texas. 

Small and charming, Palestine is home to friendly people. Tourists are warmly welcomed in the area – whether it’s at a Victorian-style inn or at a restaurant owned by a local family. Palestine residents are friendly and welcoming to all who stop by for a visit. 

The history of Palestine’s railroads is also fascinating. Because the community has the oldest railroad in Texas, a Railroad Heritage Center was built on its behalf. In fact, you can even ride a vintage train on the Texas State Railroad! You can sit back and enjoy refreshments while taking in the beautiful Piney Woods view. 

Bullard: Palestine’s Trusted Waste Management Team

For more than 30 years, the Bullard family business has been proud to support its community of Palestine. To best serve our customers, we’ve expanded to offer a wide variety of services.

No matter the location or the occasion– our team will come to you to provide you with the best quality sanitation service you need.

Portable restroom and sanitation equipment rental.

Your outdoor occasion would not be complete without our portable toilets, sinks, and trailers. Your guests will appreciate our comfortable outdoor restrooms. We offer weekend, weekly, monthly, or bi monthly rental options.

Commercial grit trap pumping.

Similarly, Bullard specializes in grit trap pumping for our automotive clients. If you own an auto shop with a car wash, make sure that you’re cleaning your grit trap. If you can’t remember the last time it was pumped, call Bullard today!

Septic services.

A nickname that we’ve proudly acquired is the “Septic King!” We wear this title with confidence and are happy to provide our customers with high quality septic services. When your home’s septic tank needs an inspection, Bullard is here to help. We can locate your septic tank either manually or via a flushable locator. Then we’ll inspect your septic tank, unclog any pipes, and facilitate lift station pumping. We offer specialized pumping solutions for both conventional and aerobic systems.

Wastewater treatment.

Bullard also offers customized wastewater treatment solutions to both owners of septic tanks, as well as other haulers. We’re certified as a land application site– meaning that we are able to take in liquid waste, treat it, and then apply it to the land to increase agricultural output. This process is monitored by the TCEQ.

Commercial grease trap pumping.

Grease trapping is essential to keep restaurants, schools, and other facilities clean. If you have a commercial kitchen, it’s best to perform preventative maintenance on your grease trap to avoid clogged pipes.

No waste management challenge is too large for Bullard! When you contact us, we’ll provide you with a customized waste management solution. Our team is friendly and professional. Give us a call today!

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Serving East Texas For More Than 30 Years

The Bullard Waste Management Team is proudly owned and operated by the Bullard family. What began as a small scale business venture in the 80s, evolved into a comprehensive waste treatment operation for both residential and commercial clients. 

We’ve been very grateful to support our community in East Texas through the years. It’s an honor to work with our friends and neighbors and we’re very grateful to serve the community of Palestine.

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